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Environment and Waste Management – A 3-Day Workshop



Tibet House on February 2–4, 2012 organized a 3-Day workshop on environment in collaboration with Dikyiling Tibetan Settlement, Dhondupling Tibetan Settlement, Clementown and Sakya Tibetan Society, Puruwala.

Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam Peltsok from the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives and Ms. Tenzin Pelmo from the Tibetan Children’s Village School visited three Tibetan settlements in north India (Dekyiling in Dehradun, Dhondupling Clement Town in Uttarkhand and Sakya Tibetan Society, Puruwala in Himachal Pradesh) to conduct workshops on environment and waste management in the Tibetan communities. Tibet House, the Cultural Center of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, New Delhi, organized the workshop.


Dr. Chok talked on global warming, its causes and effects and how to save our Mother Earth. He further explained why the Tibetan plateau is called the ‘third pole’ and spoke on the adverse effects of global warming on the Tibetan plateau. Next, he taught how to manage organic kitchen waste in the Tibetan communities. Then he shared his profound and extensive knowledge on eco-friendly enzyme (what he calls ‘nectar’) and its benefits for environment, agriculture and personal health. Finally, he demonstrated and taught the Tibetans how to make this ‘nectar’ using organic kitchen waste.


Ms. Tenzin Pelmo talked on Ethics, Environment and Education. She also shared her knowledge on wrong eating habits and effects of junk food, which is harmful for both health and environment and stressed the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced diet. She spoke on the importance of cultivating ethical behavior in order to take care of the environment. Finally, she talked on her two other projects: His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Book Reading Project and Using Dry Waste into Teaching Aids. She displayed all her teaching aids made from dry waste before her talk and invited the participants to see them after her talk.