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Director's Message



True Meaning of Life:

Confidence in the Face of Challenges and Unconditional Love


Geshe Dorji Damdul


If you wish for happiness and joy, embrace an affectionate smile. Don’t restrain it ever. Shine forth this smile of unconditional love towards everyone leaving none aside. Even the poorest have a smile from their hearts to give you. What greater gift can you expect even from the richest person than this most beautiful smile coming from heart. It is so immaculate, truly rich, so precious. Wisdom – seeing all things as mirage-like – provides you with peace and confidence in all situations. Drink this nectar of wisdom yourself. Share the same with all sentient beings. Rescue them from the turbulence of fierce samsara, caused by our own failure to realize that things are all dream-like. Let’s walk the path together to this oasis of wisdom nectar, pervaded by the soothing sunshine of unconditional love and tenderly blossoming with the fresh beautiful flowers of sentient beings. Forever you will be free and in peace. May this wisdom of dependent origination soon be born in you. May this sunshine of infinite compassion soon be poured forth upon you.