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The collection in the Library at Tibet House covers a wide range from rare manuscripts in Tibetan to  general interest books on Buddhism and Tibetan culture. With over 3000 volumes of manuscripts and books in Tibetan and 1500 in English, it serves scholars, students, and the general public

So far the Tibetan section had not been catalogued systematically. To adopt any of the existing cataloguing systems is not compatible with Tibetan Literature. Therefore a monk scholar from the Drepung Monastery was invited to work on a new system. Venerable Tsondu Sange worked under the guidance of the Director for more than a year and formulated a new subject heading system based on traditional as well as current systems used by other libraries. This new Tibetan cataloguing system is both user- friendly and compatible with a collection of Tibetan sources and documents.

During the summer and autumn of 2003 the Library has been completely renovated and upgraded. The Library and Resource Centre now features state of the art lighting, interior decoration, airconditioning, a catalogue on-line and photocopying facilities. The new Resource Centre has a collection of audio and video-cassettes, audio CDs, DVDs and VCDs as well as the facilities to listen to and view them.

Electronically archived Dharma texts like the vast Kagyur, Tangyur and many other commentaries by Tibetan Buddhist scholars can now be printed in their original pecha (woodblock) form at the push of a button. Using sophisticated computer imaging techniques, librarians, monks, and lay scholars can reprint ancient texts from a desktop computer.

In December 2004 two representatives of Palri Parkhang, a Bodhi Foundation Project, in cooperation with the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Centre (TBRC) installed a digital library with Palri Parkhang software. With this computer software one can locate texts, repair digital images if necessary and print them in just a few minutes. So far 2000 individual volumes are available, and the digital library shall grow to 12000 volumes.

A well equiped Conference Hall now accommodates lectures, filmshows and other programmes. The ‘Tibet House Bookshop’ supplies members and visitors with a wide range of publications on Tibet, Buddhism and related topics.