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Publications in Tibetan

Phen-pa‘i gtam-btus (1986, 70 pages)

A collection of maxims written by four great scholars of Tibet, viz. Sakya Pandita (1182- 1251), Tsongkhapa (1357-1419), Ju-mipham (1846-1912), and Kongtul (1813-1899).

Gtam-rgyud lna-pa (1986, 69 pages)

A collection of six stories from the Panchatantra for children, translated into Tibetan from the CBT version in English, with coloured illustrations.

Tre-hor skyor-dpon rinpoche‘i rnam-mthar (1988, 149 pages)

A biography of Trehor Kyorpon Rinpoche written by Sermed Ribur Tulku.

Rnam-rig-pa‘i lta-grub dan nan-pa‘i tshad-ma‘i rnam-gzag (1989, 152 pages)

Edited by Lama Doboom Tulku and Prof. Thubten Chhogdup, this book is a collection of papers in Tibetan language presented at two separate Dialogue Seminars on the ‘Mind Only School’ and ‘Buddhist Logic’ organised by Tibet House in Sera and Gaden monasteries in Karnataka in 1987 and 1988 respectively.

Ser-kon rdo-rje-chan nag-dban tshul-khrims don-ldan dpal-bzan-po‘i rnam-par thar-pa (1995, 313 pages)

A biography of Serkong Dorjechang written by T. C. Rakra Tethong.

Tun-hon yig-rnin las byun-ba‘i bod-kyi gna‘-rabs smon- lam dan de‘i mchan-‘grel (1995, 95 pages)

An ancient aspirational prayers from the Dun-Huang manuscript with annotations by Rabsel.

Bod kyi yig gzugs (Tibetan calligraphy ) (1996, 88 pages)

Collection of prize-winning entries of the calligraphy competition held in 1990 as a part of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Tibet House.

Gangs-can ljons-su dbu-ma‘i lta-ba dar-tshul (1998, 94 pages)

Edited by Prof. Thubten Chhogdup, this publication consists of three articles in Tibetan language presented at the Monastic Dialogue Seminar on ‘Madhyamika Philosophy’ organised by Tibet House at Drepung Monastery in Karnataka in 1989.

Phyag-skor mchod-‘bul sogs bya-tshul skor (Reprint 1998, 35 pages)

This small book is related to daily practices and conduct composed by Geshe Palden Dakpa in a question-and-answer format.

‘Phags pa’ yul gyi byung ba brjod pa legs bshad zla ‘od gsar pa, stod cha(Sambhota Series VII, 2003, xxxii, 394 pages)

For the first time a complete history of India is available in Tibetan. Published by Tibet House, this publication involved nearly two decades of hard work by Prof. Thuptan Chhogdup, an eminent Buddhist scholar who taught at Sampoornananda Sanskrit University, Varanasi and at CIHTS, Sarnath, among other places during his long career. This particular volume contains the ancient history of India.

‘Phags pa’ yul gyi byung ba brjod pa legs bshad zla ‘od gsar pa, smad cha (Sambhota Series VIII, 2003, xvi, 500 pages)

This second volume contains medieval and modern history of India.

Legs sbyar dang dbyin ji bod yig nang ‘bri klog bya tsul skor zab sbyog gi grub don (Sambhota Series XI, 2005, viii, 168 pages)

This book contains the proceedings of the “Workshop on Scientific Method of Reading and Writing English and Sanskrit in Tibetan” organized by Tibet House at Selakui, Dehradun in April 2003. In addition to the lectures by resource persons, the feed backs received from participants are also included in this book.

Tsul khang Lama Rinpoche’ gsung rtsom phyogs bsdus (Sambhota Series X, 2005, xviii, 138 pages)

Edited by Lama Doboom Tulku, this book is a collection of writings on Buddhist logic and philosophy by Tsulkhang Lama Rinpoche. His Holiness the Dalai Lama released the book at the inaugural day of the International Conference on Mahayana Buddhism: History and Culture at India International Centre in November 2005.


This journal in Tibetan language is a series of publications on art and history. It was started in 1988 and till now, ten volumes were published with articles by eminent Tibetan scholars.


Earth as Witness: A Dialogue with Buddhism – Directed by Amar Kanwar Shower of Virtue and Goodness – Directed by Tsering Rhitar World Festival of Sacred Music – Directed by Tsering Rhitar