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Nalanda Masters Course (FAQs) - Nalanda Masters Course

Q1) In which language teachings will be given for this course?

The teachings will be given in English for all subjects. There may be a possibility that some Guest Teachers may teach in Tibetan, in that case, English translations would be provided.

Q2) What is difference between Regular and Online Mode?

Regular Mode allows participants to attend classes at Tibet House, Delhi. In the Online Mode , participants will have access to teachings via the audio/video recordings. The Teaching Format for the course will have group discussions and debate sessions, which the online participants will not be able to participate in.

Q3) Who can apply?

Anyone who genuinely wants to deepen their study and understanding of Buddhism is eligible, however they should have some basic knowledge of Buddhism, willingness and commitment to learn and put effort in learning. One has to submit assignments for all the Foundational Topics as prerequisite to the Masters Course by listening to the recordings for these topics, supplemented by Additional Readings. Please see Masters Course Details PDF document for the list of all these topics which can be found on Tibet House Website using the following link :

To have good exposure to these topics, is a requirement for Masters Course Advance Level.

Q4) Will Live streaming of teachings be available?

Unfortunately no live streaming will be available for this course but Audio/Video Recordings will be made available.

Q5) How soon the Audio/Video Recordings will be made available?

Tibet House, Delhi will make every attempt make Audio/Video recording available within 3 working days after teaching session has taken place.

Q6) Can Tibet House Delhi provide residential/hostel facilities for the course?

Tibet House Delhi will not be able to provide any residential/ hostel facilities for this course.

Q7) How can one avail discount for monastics or students?

Monastics just have to declare that they are monastics and inform us the name of Abbott from whom they received the vows and avail the 75% discount.

An applicant for this course is student, if she or he is studying in recognized schools, colleges or universities and can avail 75% discount on the course fees. One has to submit copy of the valid photo ID card along with admission details ( like a letter from your institute stating you are admitted with them ).

Q8) How many hours of teachings will be given for this course?

For Advance Level on an average 25-30 hours per month of teachings are expected to be given. For Proficiency Level on an average 40-45 hours per month of teachings are expected to be given. This may change when a Guest Teacher visits Tibet House Delhi to give teachings.

Q9)  Can I choose one of Foundational Topics Group?

No, all the three Foundational Topic Groups - A,B and C along with the Additional Readings Group - AR are a prerequisite for Masters Course Advance Level.

Q10) When will the Master Course - Advance Level begin?

The expected date for the start of teachings is 05-Jan-2017.

Q11) I plan to do this course in Online mode but if I am visiting Delhi, can I attend classes at Tibet House Delhi?

Yes, absolutely.

Q12) I plan to do this course in Regular mode but if I am unable to attend classes at Tibet House Delhi, can I access the Audio/Video Recordings?

Yes, absolutely.

Q13) Are there any meditation commitments required on behalf of participants?

There are no commitments for meditation required for this course but participants are encouraged to meditate more regularly. After all the true meaning of meditation is familiarization with what is wholesome, so that we traverse the path to become happiest and also help others in becoming happiest beings.

Q14) Who will be the Guest Teachers?

This is still being worked out and Tibet House Delhi is in touch with some wonderful teachers, mostly Geshes. Once Tibet House Delhi has more clarity on their availability and schedule, participants will be informed.

Q15) Does one have to pay one year or more years of course fees in advance at the time of registration and application submission?

No, registration and application processing fees (INR 300 for Monastics/Students and INR 1200 for all other applicants) just enables an applicant to be registered and get access to online education portal to submit assignments for the Foundational Topics.

Once an applicant has been admitted to the Masters Course Advance Level ( after the Foundational Topic assignments and interviews ) then the course fees for minimum a year has to be paid in advance to Tibet House Delhi as per the table below.




Advance Level Per Year (INR)

Proficiency Level Per Year (INR)

Monastics & Students

Assignment Mode



Examination Mode



Other Participants

Assignment Mode



Examination Mode




Please note if a participant likes, she or he can also pay the course fees for more than one year ( for example for two,three or the whole four years for Advance Level ) , specifically international participants if it helps them to save on bank transfer charges. But for the Proficiency Level, we will only accept payments towards the end of Advance Level.

In addition, course material fees also would have be paid in advance.

The above course fees are highly subsidized due to the kindness of Ministry of Culture, Indian Government.  This allows as many people as possible to avail of the benefits of this course, without regard to their financial means.

Q16) How much is the Course Material fees ?

The course material for each subject would be on a cost basis only, which will be very nominal. The exact amount is still being worked out and would be communicated once participant has been admitted to the Advance Level.

Q17) Can I get admission directly to Proficiency Level ?

No, the pre-requisite for Masters Course Proficiency Level, would be successful completion of Masters Course Advance Level.

Q18) Is there next batch of Masters Course planned?

Yes, hopefully there will be second batch of Masters Course but the launch of the second batch has not been planned as of now but when it gets finalized, it will be announced by Tibet House, Delhi.

Q19) What are Assignment and Examination Mode?

The Masters course is designed to accommodate two types of participants - those who would like to participate to receive teachings and do simple assignments, but not undertake frequent examinations due to personal reasons, such as having limited time. The other type of participants are those who would like to receive teachings and are willing to undergo various examinations, on a frequent basis.

Both the Advance and Proficiency Level will therefore be offered in two modes - Assignment versus Examination Mode.

In both the modes, teachers, teachings, class timings, course material etc. will remain same. The only difference will be that in the Examination Mode, the participant will have to put in more effort for various examinations and pay additional examination fees.

Q20) Is Assignment or Examination Mode applicable for Foundational Topics?

No, for Foundational Topics, it will be assignment for all the applicants.

Q21) When do I have to decide on Assignment or Examination Mode?

A participant has to choose at the time of admission to Masters Course Advance Level or Proficiency Level ( so this is after the successful submission of assignment of Foundational Topic and personal interviews or after completion of Advance Level). This means that participant can choose both at the beginning of the Advance Level and at the beginning of the Proficiency Level.

Q22) Once I have decided on Assignment or Examination Mode, can I change it?

Once the mode is chosen, a participant may change only from the Examination Mode to the Assignment Mode, and that too, only once during the whole duration of the Advance Level or Proficiency Level.  It is not possible to make the switch the other way, i.e. once the participant selects the Assignment Mode, she / he cannot change to Examination Mode. 

Q23) I am planning to do this course Online, which mode can I choose - Examination or Assignment?

You can choose any mode based on your convenience, but please note in Examination mode there could be personal interviews, group discussions which online participants will not be able to participate in. The examination will remain same for examination mode for both regular and online participants.

Q24) Are Additional Readings for All the Foundational Topics  - Group AR compulsory for assignments?

Additional Readings for the Foundational Topics are recommended strongly to deepen one's knowledge and understanding of these Foundational Topics and they will certainly help in the assignments

Q25) What will the teaching schedule like?

Please see Masters Course Details PDF tentative teaching schedule which can be found on Tibet House Website using the following link :

Please note schedule published is tentative and may change. Also the schedule may be very different when a Guest Teacher comes to Tibet House, Delhi to give teachings and the changes will be communicated to the participants, in advance to the best of our ability.

Q26) Are multiple attempts allowed for a particular Foundational Topics Group - Assignment, for example, Group A?

No, an applicant can only make one attempt per assignment.  So for example she or he can attempt only one attempt for Foundational Topics Group A assignment.

Q27) What are the assignment windows fo Foundational Topics Group Assignment?

The new assignment windows are

Foundational Topics - Group A,B,C

Assignment Window

Before 16-Jul-17

It is strongly recommended for participants, if they have no compelling constraints,  to submit Foundational Topics Assignments before actual teachings of Masters Course begin on 05/Jan/2017. The extension of assignment submission window to 16/Jul/2017 has been done to allow late intake of applicants to this course.

Q28) How can an applicant submit an assignment?

Once applicant has registered - that is sent the Registration Form and paid the Registration Fees, they will be sent the login id and password to an education portal. An applicant has to submit the assignment via that portal.

Q29) Is the online portal only to submit assignments?

No, the online portal will also be used by Tibet House to make announcements relevant to the Masters Course. This portal will also allow participants to interact with other via Discussion Forums which can be very useful to clarify doubts for related Foundational Topics

Q30) What is the URL for online portal?

The URL for online portal is :

Q31) How can one download the MP3 files for the Foundational Topics?

Please follow the steps below to download MP3 files.

1) Open the url in a browser

2) Somewhere in the middle of page on the right side , you will see "DOWNLOAD OPTIONS"

3) There are various file formats available, click on "VBR MP3", It will expand to the list of files

4) You will see an icon like like    

( 18 files is just an example,depending on the group the number of files will vary )

5) Click on the above link and it should start the download

For Group B and Group C the URLs are

and the above steps can be followed to download the MP3 files for these groups.

With the above links file sizes are relatively large. For small size we have created additional links for Foundational Topics Groups which have much smaller sized files for the audio recordings. There is no difference in the teachings between these links and the earlier published links except that the file sizes are smaller ( hence audio quality may be different ).

The new additional links are





Q32) Why have the links for the Audio Recordings changed? Is there any difference in the recordings in the earlier links versus the new links?

The links have been changed to make all relevant files for Foundational Topics available in a more organized way. In the earlier links the topics were spread across various links within one group but with the new links, all audio recordings and related texts are available on one webpage only for each Foundational Topics Group.  Also there is no difference in the earlier recording and now, except just some file names have been changed to make them more consistent with Masters Course Details PDF document.

Q33) Is there possibility to make payments via Paypal ?

Tibet House, Delhi tried to explore the possibility to pay via Paypal for International Applicants but unfortunately as per Paypal India, non-profit organizations like ours cannot receive payments via Paypal so the only way Tibet House can receive  payments is via the bank transfer.

Please note if a participant likes, she or he can also pay the course fees for more than one year ( for example for two,three or the whole four years for Advance Level ) , specifically international participants if it helps them to save on bank transfer charges. But for the Proficiency Level, we will only accept payments towards the end of Advance Level.

Q34) How to access the user guide for Education Portal?

The link for the User Guide is Click Here for User Guide. Please note it is advised that this user guide is downloaded first and then opened, as accessing it directly may not show all images in the user guide.

Q35) Is it possible to choose individual subjects from Masters Course and just attend those subjects?

No, this is not possible, since there are some concepts and teachings which are taught in the earlier subjects which