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Teaching Format - Nalanda Masters Course


Classes will be held mostly at Tibet House, Delhi. There will be two semesters in each year, along with breaks.

Classes for Masters Advance Level: There will be 3 teaching sessions per week. The classes will be held on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings. Each session will be approximately 2-3 hours. Sometimes, sessions may be held during other days also.

Classes for Masters Proficiency Level: There would be 4-6 teachings sessions per week.  There may be daylong weekend teachings also for this level of Masters course.

Additionally, there will be group discussions and debate sessions for both the levels, in order to deepen the learning imparted during the classes.

An online education portal will allow participation in this course via the online mode. This will also allow regular participants to keep up with the ongoing classes if they cannot attend them at Tibet House, Delhi. Audio/Video recordings of the classes will be made available via the online education portal, to all the participants admitted to the course.  The online education portal will also allow participants to have discussions via designated forums.