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Admission Process - Nalanda Masters Course

Who can apply?

Anyone who genuinely wants to deepen their study and understanding of Buddhism can apply, however they should have some basic knowledge about Buddhism. Any person residing anywhere across the globe, with a sincere desire to learn, may apply (i.e. participants may complete this course via the online mode).

How to apply and the admission process?

Step 1) Fill in the Registration Form  send to OR send the physical copy to Tibet House. The Registration Form can be found on the Tibet House website: (Click à Registration Form For Masters Course-Updated.doc)

Step 2) Submit Fees for Application Processing and Registration (INR 300 for monastics & students and INR 1200 for all other applicants) with Tibet House, Delhi. Applicants based in India can pay via – Cash, Cheque, Demand Draft or Bank Transfers in Indian Rupees.

Checks and Demand Drafts should be in favor of ‘Tibet House, New Delhi’.

International Applicants, based out of India, can pay via only Bank Transfer.

( Tibet House, Delhi tried to explore the possibility to allow payments via Paypal for international applicants but unfortunately as per Paypal India, non-profit organizations like ours cannot receive payments via Paypal so the only way Tibet House can receive  payments is via the bank transfer.)

Step 3) A user id and password will be sent to the email id mentioned in the Registration Form for the education portal.

Step 4) Start preparing for assignments for all the Foundational Topics by listening to the recordings for these topics, supplemented by Additional Readings. Please see below for list of Foundational Topics and Additional Readings. To be well versed in these topics, is a pre-requisite for Masters Course Advance Level.

Step 5) Submit assignment for each group by the deadline of dates mentioned below in the "Steps/Stages - Applicable Dates" Table via education portal login given to you, once your registration process is complete.

Step 6) Applicants who successfully complete all the assignments for the Foundational Topics may be invited for personal interviews. For applicants who are based out of Delhi, this will be done via Skype or any other suitable means.

Step 7) Complete the admission process formalities with Tibet House, Delhi. This will include paying the course fees and course material fees for at least the first year.

Step 8) Before commencement of each year ( if not already paid ) the course fees (based on mode) and the course material fees will have to be deposited with Tibet House, Delhi, in advance. Payment related details would be same as mentioned in Step 2. Please note if the payment is made based on Examination Mode and if the participant chooses to change to Assignment Mode, Tibet House will not be able to refund any Examination Fess (the difference of amount in fees for the two modes).

The Course Fees Per Year can be paid as per  the table below.

Please note if a participant likes, she or he can also pay the course fees for more than one year ( for example for two,three or the whole four years for Advance Level ) , specifically international participants if it helps them to save on bank transfer charges. But for the Proficiency Level, we will only accept payments towards the end of Advance Level.

Please note any payment once made, cannot refunded by Tibet House.

Applicant Assessment Criterion

To be able to assess knowledge of applicants, online assignments will have to be completed based on given topics and audio recordings of earlier teachings given by Venerable Geshe Dorji Damdul La, and some selected teachings given by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The topics taught by Venerable Geshe Dorji Damdul La are referred to as Foundational Topics, and selected teachings by His Holiness the Dalai Lama are referred as Additional Readings for the Foundational Topics.

These Foundational Topics have been divided into three groups and the assignment for each group will be conducted online. Additional Readings for the Foundational Topics are recommended strongly to deepen one's knowledge and understanding of these Foundational Topics.

It is mandatory for all applicants to submit assignments for  the all the three groups of Foundational Topics.

These assignments are online quizzes which are combination of objective plus subjective questions. An applicant can only make one attempt for each Foundational Topic Group assignment. So each applicant has to submit only one assignment for each Foundational Topic - Group A, B and C but they can choose when they want to submit these assignments as per the table below.

It is strongly recommended for participants, if they have no compelling constraints,  to submit Foundational Topics Assignments before actual teachings of Masters Course begin on 04/Jan/2017. The extension of assignment submission window to 31/Mar/2017 has been done to allow intake of applicants to this course till 08/Dec/2016.

The Foundational Topics, which will be used to assess the suitability of applicants for the Masters Advance level, are listed below in three groups. All three groups are a prerequisite for entry to the Master Course, Advance Level.  Additional Readings for the Foundational Topics to deepen one's knowledge and understanding are mentioned as a separate group.