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Teaching Format - Nalanda Diploma Course

Classes will be held at Tibet House, Delhi. All teachings will be imparted in English language, with important Tibetan terms explained as and when required during the teachings.
The teaching sessions will follow these general guidelines:
1) Every odd Sunday afternoon (first, third and fifth Sundays) of the month.
2) Every second Saturday evening.
3) Every Wednesday evening.
Please note the above may change due to the availability of the teacher and other resources that are required.
Question and answer sessions will be held towards the end of each class. Group discussions will be held on a weekly basis at the Conference Hall, Tibet House, which participants can attend in person.
Audio and video recordings of each class will be made available on the Education Portal. Each participant to this course will get access to the online education portal. This online education portal will be central in terms of participants accessing the teaching calendar, course material and handouts for the course, online group discussions and keeping in touch with course announcements and other participants.
The whole course will be divided into two semesters and at the end of each semester there will be an online quiz. Participants will be required to take these quizzes via the education portal. These quizzes would be a wonderful way to check one’s learning. Please also note that submission of these quizzes would be a major criterion for participants to receive the diploma and completion certificate for this course.