Film Screening and a Post Film Discussion on Tukdam: Between Worlds

This Sunday, December 17, 2023, promises a captivating evening at the Tibet House Conference Hall as it hosts the screening of “Tukdam: Between Worlds,” a creation by Finnish-Irish-American filmmaker-scholar, Donagh Coleman. Known for his accolade-laden films like “A Gear Bard’s Tale” and “Stone Pastures,” Coleman’s cinematic prowess combines with his diverse academic background for a unique viewing experience.

Coleman’s Academic Background: With degrees in Philosophy, Psychology, and Music and Media Technologies, along with an MA in Asian Studies, Donagh Coleman brings a rare blend of scholarship to his filmmaking. His works have not only garnered international acclaim but have also found a place in prestigious institutions like MoMA and the Rubin Museum of Art in New York.

The Film: “Tukdam: Between Worlds”: “Tukdam: Between Worlds” promises to be a cinematic journey beyond conventional boundaries. Coleman’s narrative skill intricately weaves cultural nuances, inviting the audience into a realm of contemplation. The film touches on universally resonant themes, ensuring a thought-provoking experience.

Event Details: Starting at 6:00 PM (Indian Time), the screening at Tibet House offers an immersive atmosphere for cinephiles and those eager for intellectual discourse.

Post-Film Discussion: Following the screening, a structured post-film discussion awaits attendees. Delving into philosophy, psychology, and cultural intersections, this dialogue offers insights into the filmmaker’s intent and the broader implications of the narrative.

Why Attend? For lovers of cinema that challenges and inspires, “Tukdam: Between Worlds” presents a unique opportunity. Coleman’s films transcend visual experiences, evolving into intellectual journeys that delve into the depths of human consciousness and cultural intersections.

In Conclusion: Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 17, and join us at Tibet House for the screening of “Tukdam: Between Worlds.” This promises to be an evening of cinematic brilliance and intellectual exploration—a celebration of cultures, philosophies, and the enchantment of cinema.

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