Up to now Tibet House has subsisted on kind, but meagre grants from the Government of India. The Institution has managed to survive somehow on these grants and some donations of well-wishers, as well as small revenues from sales of publications, etc.

Programmes, publications, maintenance and upgrading of the Museum, Library and Resource Centre, Lecture Room and Gallery, and the building itself, are all major expenses as are salaries and health care of the staff. Expansion of staff quarters is also needed.

Tibet House, with its crucial location in the capital of the land that was the cradle of Buddhist culture for so many centuries, deserves not only to survive, but to expand in its role as a custodian and disseminator of Tibetan and Buddhist studies, especially in view of their pointed relevance in an age of confused values and violence. The “universal voice” of spiritual art and culture can, once again, help us reclaim the reservoir of wisdom and compassion within society.

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