In view of the alarming phenomenon of indiscriminate use of the name of ‘Tibet House’ by institutions/individuals not committed to the original cause of disseminating Tibetan and Buddhist culture in a consistent and recognizably competent way, it is considered necessary to lay down specific guidelines for granting ‘Associates’ status to those who fulfill the following criteria:

  • Similarity in Mission and Mandate with that of the Tibet House (New Delhi).
  • Proven track record of promoting the cause of Tibetan and Buddhist culture.
  • Regular on-going relevant programmes and activities.
  • Demonstrated capacity (physical assets) and competence (professional skills) to achieve common goals and objectives.
  • Commitment and capacity (including facilities such as a museum, library, etc.) to provide a visible ‘Tibetan Image’.
  • Recognized as an institution of repute in the ‘Public Domain’ (similar to Public Charitable Institutions).
  • Non-political in the nature of its structure and functioning.

Those institutions that fulfill the above-mentioned criteria and wishes to receive such recognition, a formal request in the prescribed form (attached) will have to be addressed to the Tibet House (New Delhi), which will then be placed before the Governing Council of the Tibet House Society. The decision of the Governing Council in this regard will be final and binding on all concerned. If the Governing Council approves the request, the concerned institution will then sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Tibet House (New Delhi).

Tibet House US was the first institution recognized formally as an ‘Associate’ of Tibet House (New Delhi). Professor Robert Thurman, co-founder/ director of Tibet House US signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2003.

Below is a sample of Tibet House Associates Form. Click here to Download Associates Form