Completion of Nalanda Masters Course after five years

After Five years and 450 sessions, Tibet House concluded the first Nalanda Masters Course on 2nd June 2022.

Ven. Geshe Dorji Damdul expressed his great joy at the consistency shown by all the students in attending classes despite all the difficulties due to the pandemic.
Geshe la said, “It is amazing how you sustain your studies and I really congratulate you. Read more and reflect on your studies and you transition from wisdom derived from learning to the wisdom derived from reflection. And pray to be connected to the Dharma in your next life.”
Finally what we should do in our life is summarised in Lama Tsongkhapa’s text, Noble Pursuit: Revealing One’s Personal Realisations, ‘At the outset, I pursued vast learning. In the middle, all scriptures resounded to me as pith instructions. In the end, I practised day and night. And I dedicated all my virtues towards proliferating the Dharma.’
Registration for the second batch of Nalanda Masters Course (NMC2) will open on 6th July 22 and teachings will begin on 2nd Oct 22. Please visit https://tibethouse.in/nmc for details about NMC2.

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