Course Details and FAQs

  1. Quick Overview of the Course – Its Unique Features
  2. Introduction
  3. Teachers & Teaching Format
  4. Duration & Topics
  5. Course Fees & How to Pay
  6. Quizzes
  7. Admission Process
  8. Scholarship / Financial Aid
  9. Applicant Counseling
  10. Overall Schedule (Tentative) for NMC2
  11. FAQs

Admission Process

Who can apply?

Anyone who genuinely wants to study, understand and apply in their life these concepts from the rich Nalanda legacy is eligible and welcome to join. One should have willingness and commitment to learn and put effort in learning. For the Tibet house team to give admission to NMC2, the applicants should have successfully registered for any of the previous Tibet House Nalanda Courses namely – NMC, NDC1, NDC2, NDC3 or NCC1.

How to apply and the admission process 

Online Submission of Registration Form

  • Fill in the online registration form HERE
  • Submit the online registration form, after which you will get a confirmation via email from Nalanda Courses Team asking to complete your registration.

Once your form is processed, you will get a confirmation via email, after the confirmation, you may pay the fees (Please see section “How To Pay”)

For the registration process, once all the above steps have been completed, the education portal user-id and password will be sent by the Tibet House team to the registered email-id. This would complete your registration.

Please do note that any payment, once made, cannot be refunded by Tibet House.

Tibet House also reserves all rights to give or cancel admission to this course.