Course Details and FAQs

  1. Quick Overview of the Nalanda Masters Course – Its Unique Features
  2. Introduction
  3. Teaching Format & Topics
  4. Teachers
  5. Modes – Assignment Versus Examination
  6. Admission Process
  7. Course Fees and How to Pay
  8. Scholarship / Financial Aid
  9. Applicant Counseling
  10. Schedule 
  11. FAQs

Modes - Assignment Versus Examination

The Masters course is designed to accommodate two types of participants – those who would like to participate to receive teachings and do simple assignments, but not undertake frequent examinations due to personal reasons, such as having limited time. The other type of participants are those who would like to receive teachings and are willing to undergo various examinations, on a frequent basis.

Both the Advance and Proficiency Level will therefore be offered in two modes – Assignment versus Examination Mode.

In both the modes, teachers, teachings, class timings, course material etc. will remain same. The only difference will be that in the Examination Mode, the participant will have to put in more effort for various examinations and pay additional examination fees.

At the time of completing admission formalities, an applicant in Advance Level (during the period 12-Dec-16 to 30-Dec-16) will have to choose one of these modes – Assignment or Examination Mode.

Once the mode is chosen, a participant may change only from the Examination Mode to the Assignment Mode, and that too, only once during the whole duration of the Advance Level or Proficiency Level.  It is not possible to make the switch the other way, i.e. once the participant selects the Assignment Mode, she / he cannot change to Examination Mode.

Participants may note that at the time of entry to first the Advanced Level, and then the Proficiency Level, they may make this decision afresh on whether to apply to the Assignment or Examination Mode. In other words, it is not necessary for a candidate wishing to apply for the Examination Mode at the Proficiency Level to have completed the Advanced Level in the Examination Mode (if that is the case, the participant will obviously have to learn to exert more effort to sit for exams in this new Examination Mode). A participant must have completed the Advanced Level in either mode before applying to the Proficiency Level, however.

Examination Mode Charges

For Advance Level per year examination fees (in addition to course fees and course material fees) will be INR 300 for monastics & students and INR 1200 for all other participants.

For Proficiency Level per year examination fees (in addition to course fees and course material fees) will be INR 450 for monastics & students and INR 1800 for all other participants.

The additional charge for the Examination Mode is to cover administrative expenses.