Video message for the third batch (2021-22) from the Director, Tibet House

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Nalanda Diploma Course - Details and FAQs

Introduction of Nalanda Diploma Course Batch 3

There is a genuine need in the modern world to introduce, in a systematic and comprehensive way, various Buddhist subjects studied and practiced in the tradition of Nalanda and Tibetan monastic universities. Keeping in line with that sophisticated tradition and after the successful completion of three batches, the fourth batch of the Nalanda Diploma Course (NDC4) is now being offered.

This course is being offered to participants who wish to acquire knowledge of various Buddhist subjects in order to deepen their understanding and Dharma practice.

The study and knowledge of Buddhism is extremely vast and profound. In the monastic tradition, it routinely takes a few decades to properly study all the subjects and undertake this journey. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity to commit oneself to such a course, even while being a layperson. This course is designed specifically to accommodate people who are more seriously interested in Buddhist philosophy, while being in the midst of busy lives in cities and towns, with other engagements and commitments.