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Nalanda Diploma Course - Details and FAQs

Topics for the Nalanda Diploma Course Batch 5


NDC401The Life Story of Shakyamuni Buddha, Three Baskets and Three Higher Trainings
NDC402Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma
NDC403The Four Noble Truths
NDC404Wheel of Life – Twelve Links of Dependent Origination
NDC405The Four Seals of The Buddha’s Teachings
NDC406Buddhist Psychology
NDC407Bodhicitta – Two Methods for Cultivation and Four Immeasurables
NDC408The Practice of Six/Ten Perfections
NDC409Five Aggregates, Twelve Sources, Eighteen Elements
NDC410Five/Fifteen Paths to Enlightenment
NDC411Tenet Systems
NDC412Wisdom of Emptiness
NDC413The Graded Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim)
NDC414Introduction to Buddhist Logic
NDC415Hermeneutics (Interpretative and Definite Meanings of Buddha’s Teachings)
NDC416Features of Meditation – Basics. Purpose of Meditation. The Practice of Shamatha Meditation and the Nine Stages
NDC417Buddha Nature
NDC418Thirty Seven Harmonious Paths to Enlightenment
NDC419Four Fruits and Eight Sangha Members
NDC420Overview of Four Tibetan Buddhist Schools
NDC421Overview of Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism

Presentation of Kayas of Buddha

*The teaching order of the topics may vary.