Video message for the Nalanda Certificate Course applicants from the Director, Tibet House

Online Registration - Nalanda Certificate Course

Registration will remain open from 1st May 2022 until 09Jun2022 04 PM IST.

For the registration form – Click Here

For any queries please email nalandacourses@tibethouse.in


Nalanda Certificate Course - Details and FAQs

Admission Process of the Nalanda Certificate Course

Who can apply?

Anyone who genuinely wants to know about Nalanda Buddhism, and genuinely wants to deal with ones life’s challenges, can apply. Any person residing anywhere on the globe, with a sincere desire to learn, may apply (i.e. students may complete this course via the online mode).

How to apply and the admission process?


Online Submission of Registration Form

  • Fill in the online registration form (link: Online Registration Form )
  • Submit the online registration form, you will get confirmation via email. After confirmation, please submit your photograph via email and pay the fees (Please see section “How to Pay”)

Please note any payment once made, cannot be refunded by Tibet House. Tibet House also

reserves all rights for giving or canceling admission to this course.