Video message for the Nalanda Certificate Course applicants from the Director, Tibet House

Online Registration - Nalanda Certificate Course (Batch 2)

Registration will start from 12 November, 2023.

For the registration form – Click Here

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For any queries please email nalandacourses@tibethouse.in

Nalanda Certificate Course - Details and FAQs

Quick Overview - Nalanda Certificate Course (Batch 2)

  1. Covering comprehensive subjects based on the rich Nalanda tradition of Buddhist Philosophy, in order to fulfill the wish of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, to make this infinitely precious legacy available to as many people as possible, in an easy and accessible form.
  2. Teachings given directly in English via recordings or online classes.
  3. Two teachings sessions and one review session per week (approximately 2 hour each).
  4. All sessions in the online mode and recordings available.
  5. Complete flexibility on how to pace your own learning.
  6. Highly subsidized fees, with further discounts for monastics, students and past participants of Nalanda Courses.
  7. Course teaching duration of only 22 weeks.
  8. Course teaches features of meditation.