Video message for the Nalanda Certificate Course applicants from the Director, Tibet House

Online Registration - Nalanda Certificate Course (Batch 2)

Registration will start from 12 November, 2023.

For the registration form – Click Here

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For any queries please email nalandacourses@tibethouse.in


Nalanda Certificate Course - Details and FAQs

Course Fees - Nalanda Certificate Course (Batch 2)

Please note we provide 100% scholarship for monastics. For rest, the total fees in Indian Rupees for the course will be as follows:


For students (in recognized schools, colleges and universities):

Registration Fees         : Rs 75

Course Fees                 : Rs 225

Total                               : Rs 300

For participants of NMC1, NMC2, NDC1, NDC2, NDC3, NDC4 and NCC1:

Registration Fees         : Rs 150

Course Fees                 : Rs 450

Total                               : Rs 600


For non-monastics and non-students:

Registration Fees         : Rs 300

Course Fees                 : Rs 900

Total                               : Rs 1200

All the soft copies of various course material will be provided free to all the registered participants. However participants can optionally buy the printed course material available at highly subsidized rates, which may include some published books, transcripts from the previous teachings, handouts or specially compiled material for this course.

The above fees and printed material are highly subsidized due to the kindness of Ministry of Culture, Government of India.  This allows as many people as possible to avail of the benefits of this course, without regard to their financial means.