Video message for the Nalanda Certificate Course applicants from the Director, Tibet House

Online Registration - Nalanda Certificate Course

Registration will remain open from 1st May 2022 until 09Jun2022 04 PM IST.

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For any queries please email nalandacourses@tibethouse.in

Nalanda Certificate Course - Details and FAQs

Topics of the Nalanda Certificate Course

Topic Short NameTeaching SequenceTopic
NCC1011The Life Story of Shakyamuni Buddha, Three Turnings of the Wheel of Dharma
NCC1022Buddha Nature: Two Goals, two Obstacles, two kinds of practitioners
NCC1033Three Baskets and Three Higher Trainings
NCC1044The Four Seals of The Buddha’s Teachings and The Four Noble Truths
NCC1055Buddhist Psychology
NCC1066Mechanism and Classifications of Karma, Affliction and misperception
NCC1077Features of Meditation – Basics. Purpose of Meditation. The Practice of Shamatha Meditation and the Nine Stages
NCC1088Four Immeasurables and Bodhicitta – Two Methods
NCC1099Wisdom of Emptiness
NCC11010Buddhahood and Classifications