Video message for the Nalanda Certificate Course applicants from the Director, Tibet House

Online Registration - Nalanda Certificate Course

Registration will remain open from 1st May 2022 until 09Jun2022 04 PM IST.

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For any queries please email nalandacourses@tibethouse.in

Nalanda Certificate Course - Details and FAQs

Duration of the Nalanda Certificate Course

The duration for this Nalanda Certificate Course, Batch 1, will be approximately 2 months. running from Jun 2022 to Aug 2022. The tentative broad schedule will be:

First Week of Jun-2022 to the first week of Aug-2022

Tentative detailed schedule can be seen in the Tentative Schedule section.



Applicable Dates

Registration and Admissions

1-May-22 to 9-Jun-22

Nalanda Certificate Course Batch 1 (NCC 1)

From Sun 05-Jun-22

to Sun 07-Aug-22.